For The Table


lemon, red wine vinegar with shallot onion

€ 4,-/pcs


black sturgeon caviar 50g, served with buckwheat chips

€ 60,-

Buckwheat chips with glass noodles

noodles, tiger prawns or octopus

€ 12,-


Fish House Brasserie seafood salad

fresh lobster, sea scallops, tiger prawns, squid, lettuce, avocado seasoned with Yuzu sauce

€ 14,-

Fried burrata salad

arugula, cherry tomatoes, pickled onions, balsamic cream

€ 10,-

Seared Sea Scallop

Collonata lardo, figs, parsnip cream, passion fruit sauce

€ 18,-

Stuffed Patagonian squid

spinach, onions, asparagus cream

€ 15,-


Norwegian scallop tartare

black sturgeon caviar, Madagascar vanilla, seared duck foie gras, Mirin - ginger sauce

€ 18,-

Yorkshire beef tartare

octopus, King Crab mayo, black sturgeon caviar

€ 15,-


Tomato cream soup

tomatoes, vegetable broth, sour cream, mozzarella, roasted onions, basil pesto

€ 12,-

Bouillabaisse stock soup with bread croutons

tiger prawns, scallops, saffron

€ 14,-

From Sea With Love

Mussels ” À la Crème”

garlic & shallot, leak, white wine sauce, lemon baguette

€ 16,-

Fish House Brasserie tagliatelle with lobster

homemade pasta, cuttlefish ink, lobster, scallop, truffle oil

€ 21,-

Nordic Turbot

zucchini noodles, tomato-saffron water, dried tomatos San marzano

€ 26,-

Monkfish fillet

corn polenta, smoked beet puree, pearl couscous, parmesan foam

€ 25,-

John Dory fillet

asparagus, mini carrots, celery root puree, beurre blanc sauce

€ 26,-

Lobster risotto with seafood

squid, octopus, mussels, prawns, scallop (preparation time up to 30 min)

€ 29,-

For Meat Lovers

Beef tenderloin (200g)

corn, cherry tomatoes, green peas, demi glace sauce

€ 24,-

Rack of lamb

sweet potato puree, potato fondant, Bordelaise sauce

€ 25,-


Vegetable salad

€ 7,-

French style potato puree

€ 7,-

Asparagus fried in butter

€ 7,-

Signature French fries

€ 7,-


Home made ice cream selection

€ 6,-

Valrhona chocolate soufflé

vanilla ice cream (preparation time up to 15 min.)

€ 8,-

Crème brûlée ”À la Pistache”

ice cream made from Sicilian pistachio, pistachio-raspberry madeleine

€ 7,-

Hawaiian cloud

passionfruit ice cream, warm passionfruit sauce, berries, chocolate mousse, honey gaufrettes (preparation time up to 15 min.)

€ 9,-

For detailed allergen information please ask your waiter


Saturday and sunday from 10:00 to 15:00


Fresh baked croissant with panceta

€ 3,-

Fresh baked croissant & jam

€ 3,-

French toast

almonds, vanilla sauce, strawberries, tonka bean ice cream

€ 7,-

Oatmeal porridge

fresh berries, jam

€ 7,-

French Creppes

With caramelized plums

plums, fresh berries, powdered sugar

€ 7,-

Classic orange or cocoa pancake

Normandy caramel / maple leaf syrup

€ 7,-

Orange pancake with orange sauce

Fresh berries, powdered sugar

€ 7,-


English style

bodin noir, bacon, beans with tomato, brioche, pouched egg

€ 10,-


asparagus, pouched egg, Hollandaise

€ 10,-

Benedict style

panceta, pouched egg, Hollandaise, brioche

€ 12,-

Steak / duck sandwich

Thinly sliced beef steak / Thinly sliced duck breast portabello mushrooms, arugula, parmesan, pouched egg, lobster Bearnaise, brioche

€ 15,-


smoked Scottish salmon, Mottra caviar, avocado, green salad, pouched egg, lobster Bearnaise

€ 15,-


shrimps, Romain lettuce, avocado, coctail sauce, pouched egg

€ 12,-


With tarragon

tarragon, parmigiano cheese

€ 8,-

With shrimp

deep-water shrimp, dill

€ 10,-

With bacon

dried pork "Pancetta"

€ 8,-

With tomato

sanmarzano tomatoes, parmigiano cheese

€ 7,-

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